There are many sponsors for the Miss Earth Pageant. The pageant has its own clothing sponsor, hair care sponsor, skin sponsor, as well as many other official sponsors.

La Casa Hermosa is the official clothing Sponsor of the pageant. This clothier handles some of the most exclusive designers as well as sponsors many events.

Energy Fitness by Josh is the official fitness training company for this event. The company was created in 2006 with the idea of teaching its clients how to work out and eat right.

Ramona Haar is the official jeweler of the event.

Pro Silk is a hair care company that serves as a sponsor. This company creates products exclusively for salons.

Sun Sauce Sunless tanning is the official skin care company that helps the contestants to have a healthy glow about their skin.

Frederico Leone is the official shoe sponsor for the pageant. This store caters to both men and women’s shoes. The store carries their own pageant line of shoes.

Other sponsors for the event include the drink maker Nestle.

Photo DuMonde is a company that takes photos in many countries.

Ever Bilena is a cosmetics company that has been in business for over 20 years that sponsors the event.

Ricky Eyes is a retailer that sponsors the event.

There are also hotels that sponsor the event depending on where the pageant is held that year. Local companies in the area will sponsor the event as well as companies worldwide. There are also organizations that help to conserve the earth that will sponsor the events each year.