Miss Cuba EventContestants participating in the Miss Cuba Pageant must be at least 18 years of age and may not be married or pregnant.

The Miss Cuba Pageant has three categories. There is an interview section where contestants are interviewed on their political views, environmental views, as well as goals, and ambitions. It may be important to hire a coach to help with the interview process to make sure that the contestant is familiar with all types of questions that may be asked of them. In each category of interview, questions there are many sub questions that can be asked. At the end of the interview process there may be a question that the interviewee must answer that may pertain to a certain political topic.

There is also a formalwear competition where contestants must wear their best dresses to be judged on the outfit itself as well as their shoes, hair, and makeup. There may be at least two outfits that are needed for this part of the competition.

There is also a swimsuit competition that contestants participate. Beauty pageant contestants may be able to purchase their own swimsuit or depending on the pageant may wear the same type of swimsuit and will be judged on how it looks on them. This portion of the competition is where it is very important to be in top physical condition.

Contestants are scored in these categories and then finalists are chosen and the process starts all over again until the finalists are narrowed down and a Miss Cuba is crowned. When this happens, she is the one who will represent the area a spokesperson for children and teens. This reason is why it is important to have a winner who has morals and values that meet the standards of the judges as well as society. Many contestants and winners will advance to other pageants, such as Miss World or Miss Earth.

Depending on the pageant there may be a talent portion added to the categories. There are also coaches that can be hired by parents or participants to help to perfect the contestants’ talent. Some pageants have a talent portion where there are many talents that may be showcased. Some of the most popular talents that are usually showcased are talents such as singing, dancing, as well as playing an instrument.