Miss Cuba CompetitionThe Miss Cuba Pageant is held each year in Miami Florida where the largest Cuban population can be found. When participating in a beauty pageant of any kind there is a lot of preparing that contestants must do. Many contestants that participate in beauty pageants have participated in them all of their lives. Parents will take their children to pageants that are for a specific age range or gender to participate. Pageants take a lot of time and money on the parents and participants part. Parents must be dedicated to their children competing in pageants, have the money necessary, and be willing to travel.

There are many steps in getting ready for a pageant. One of the steps is planning the outfits that fit the standards for the pageant. Contestants usually need to find a few formal wear outfits, a swimsuit, an outfit to display their talent in, as well as possible casual wear. It is important to research the pageant that you are going to be participating in to see how many outfits may be needed. Depending on the age of the child, formal outfits can range into the thousand dollar ranges. It is also important to pick the right shoes to go along with the outfits. Women who participate who are shorter may want to buy heels; women who are taller may not want a very high heel depending on the corresponding dress.

Depending on when the contestant decides that they would like to participate in a beauty, pageant there may be some training involved. This training is normally done by some type of coach who will train the contestant on poise, posture, as well as the question and answer portion of most pageants.

After choosing the outfits, depending on the contestants age it may be important to focus on proper nutrition and exercise to make sure that the contestant is in shape. This can cost money as well, because a gym membership may be needed. Exercise is usually done up until the day before the pageant.

It is also important to practice skills for the talent portion of the competition as well as practice for the question and answer session, as well as the interview session that comes before some big pageants.

When the big day comes, it is important for contestants to look their best. After long workouts and getting in shape and eating right, the contestant still has a lot to do to look beautiful for the pageant. Beauty pageants are about beauty so it is important to be in great shape, have proper makeup and a proper hairstyle as well as possibly have tanned skin. To achieve all of these goals it may be important to visit a tanning salon for tanning needs. It is also important to learn how to put on makeup correctly or to hire a makeup artist to do the makeup for you.

Getting dressed is the next part and then the contestants will go out on stage and strut their stuff to win the crown or trophy that is awarded. This can be a very time consuming activity because it takes a lot of time and travel. It is also important before getting into pageantry to realize that it also takes a lot of money to compete in pageants.